Establishing your online enterprise

We aim to strengthen your company by incorporating forward-looking digital interactions
Going beyond our initial targets is our standard; we strive to exceed them with fresh, unforeseen, and valuable approaches


R2K Concept Invest is a consulting firm founded in 2019 by a group of experienced consultants and entrepreneurs with diverse expertise spanning various domains. Our primary focus centers on technology and digital consulting services, encompassing a wide range of specialties such as ERP implementation, software and app development, cybersecurity, business analysis, and project/change management for large-scale technology implementation projects.



We streamline the administrative management of our consultants and provide continuous support throughout their assignments, aiming to assist them in their daily tasks and overall management.


We provide comprehensive IT capabilities that encompass strategy, planning, design, and implementation from start to finish.

Coaching and training

As experts in enhancing individual and team performance, we assist organizations in elevating team effectiveness


We delve deeply to uncover valuable insights and possess the courage to take action. We assemble the right individuals to question conventional wisdom and push for transformation. Collaborating with our clients, we cultivate the skills necessary for organizations to attain enduring advantages. Together, we are shaping the future


R2K Concept Invest is continually searching for exceptional individuals to join our team and contribute to providing top-tier advisory and consulting services. If you’re ready for this exciting journey, you can apply as a full-time team member or as a freelance consultant.

As an Employee

If you are seeking a lasting commitment and consider yourself a team player, joining our permanent team of consultants and advisors could be a rewarding step for your career

As a Freelance

If you have your own career aspirations and thrive in working independently and autonomously, becoming a part of our freelance network could be a strategic choice for you.


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